Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Distinguishing Jihad from a Mass Exodus Disaster

"Chaotic scenes have erupted on the coastal Mediterranean frontier between Italy and France. On August 4, for instance, hundreds of migrants, chiefly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Sudan sought to storm the crossing in their attempts to make it to Northern Europe."
"Both the Italian and French forces at the border were taken by surprise," remarked Giorgio Marenco, a police commander in Ventimiglia, where tear gas was used to disperse the migrants. Others merely braved the choppy waters of the sea to breach the crossing by swimming towards their goal."
"The Italian town contains the last train station in Italy near the border. The besieged terminus lies three miles from the French Riviera. It has been a gathering point for the predominantly Muslim migrants since June 2015. A fractious tent city for migrants has sprung up, mirroring others spread across Italy. The capital of the French holiday district is Nice, which experienced a jihadist massacre on July 14."
George Igler, political analyst, London, (director of the Discourse Institute) Gatestone Institute

African migrants camp out on the beach in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia, along the French border, as they wait for the opportunity to cross into France, in 2015. (Image source: AFP video screenshot)
"If a group of Jewish or Christian terrorists in Algeria, Egypt or Saudi Arabia had committed the same kind of stabbings, car-rammings, throat-slittings and shootings that France and Germany are suffering now, they would have provoked an immediate reaction. Tens of thousands -- maybe hundreds of thousands -- of enraged Muslims would have rushed into the streets to kill, stab or eviscerate the first group of Jews or Christians they met. Within 24 hours, no church or synagogue would be able to open its doors: all of them would have been burned to cinders."
"These words are not to stigmatize anyone; they are meant to explain what terrorists want. According to Gilles Kepel, professor at the Paris Institute of Political Studies and a specialist of Islam, "ISIS calls for stabbing dirty and evil French people... because they want to trigger a civil war." Muslim terrorists behind the wave of terrorist attacks apparently assume that thousands of French, Germans or Belgians will rush out into the streets, as they would do themselves, to kill, stab or eviscerate Muslims. Muslim sponsors of terrorism may not even be able to imagine that Europeans may not wish to participate in the pleasure of bloodthirsty riots."
Yves Mamou, French journalist, Gatestone Institute
The Western democracies of the world are tremendously understanding of the plight of the oppressed, feeling it their duty as humane and civilized governments to extend not only sympathy but open arms of welcome to hapless people who are suffering under the conditions that tribal, under-developed, sectarian-divided nations impose upon their own. From Sharia law-ridden nations who exploit the opportunities that Islam affords them to identify political opponents as enemies whose punishment is torture and death, to the same release from life extended to those practising forbidden religions, or refusing to accept the sex that birth gave them, life is a misery

Add to that the inequality between the enterprising wealthy and the plight of the countless indigent poor struggling to provide for themselves and to survive often violent societal norms and the brutality of police forces whose only function is to suppress dissent however it presents itself, along with unequal access to education, health care, employment and hope for the future, and the formula for large portions of the depressed populations to wish to escape their fate is explicable. Migrating elsewhere when at all possible does offer hope when haven is found outside the constrictions of their experiences.

But it also burdens other societies with their own cultures, their own heritage, their own ethnic groups with the assimilation of people of entirely different backgrounds. And all too often it is discovered that those different backgrounds have imprinted in those who have become refugees an inability to adapt to the social mores of the accepting country. Disagreeable situations arise when the refugees attempt to create for themselves an environment reflective of the one they left, installing their culture and their religion and expressing an entitlement of recognition from the indigenous population.

Invariably, among those who arrive at their new destination to begin their new lives there will be those who yearn for what has been left behind, augmented by a sense of obligation by the faithful to the tenets of the religion that is a vital, functional and indispensable part of their daily lives; all aspects of their lives. Their resentment toward non-Muslims and their response to the calls for violent jihad lead to terrorist attacks that leave the host country stunned. But what has occurred is that the host country has been fated by some strange psychological alchemy, to forgive, to overlook, to 'understand' the motivations that bring terror to their populations.

The terrorists take on the guise of troubled, depressed young people who have been steered toward barbarous action by some inexplicable process that leads them to commit murderous acts. None of which have anything to do with religion, and certainly not Islam which its explainers repeat endlessly is a religion of peace. To believe otherwise on the basis of observation of the spread of violent extremism reflecting Islam, reflecting the original and authentic expressions and actions of its founder, the Prophet Mohammad, is to betray oneself as "Islamophobic", and non-Muslims will do anything to avoid that charge.

The very coupling of the words Islam and terror, or Islam and jihad is silently forbidden. To speak of them represents a social breach of civility. It's quite all right to speak of terrorism, but never to link it with Islam. As far as politicians are concerned, it is becoming a career-ending move to accuse Islam of fomenting divisions between people and it is becoming increasingly fraught to speak of Islam as the driving force across the globe of mayhem and slaughter of the Muslim faithful themselves. All the more so as those listening have gained the influence of numbers with the populations of Muslims having reached immense proportions throughout the non-Muslim world.

In France a wave of attacks against Jews by Muslims in support of the "Palestinian cause" has taken an impressive number of Jewish lives. Supporters of that same cause in countries where that level of violence has not yet taken hold, express their hostility and anti-Semitic rage through propaganda painting Jews in the colours of slander reminiscent of the Nazi preparation through propaganda of promoting Jews as sub-human and dispensable, a generally accepted premise that led inevitably to the state machinery geared to exterminate Europe's Jews. Europe's Jews are being exterminated in another sense now by the influx of Muslims where Jews have lived for centuries, leading Jews to return to the Middle East and Israel, while Muslim and Arab populations are doing the very reverse.

The conviction of radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary (centre) -- the most prominent extremist in Britain -- has been widely welcomed in the UK. Telegraph

Britain's single most abhorrent Islamist agitating for the United Kingdom to be transformed into a Muslim state, acting until now in a state of utter impunity for outrageous Islamist entitlements has been found guilty of shilling for the Islamic State and has been imprisoned as reward for his prodigious efforts. But Britain is relaxed and easy on the subject of Islam and its viral malice as expressed by visiting clerics who are given grand welcomes and assured of no interference by government. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury graciously welcomed two Pakistani clerical extremists on a month-long visit to various British mosques.

When the governor of Pakistan's Punjab province was assassinated by one of his own guards for defending the human rights of Pakistani Christians, the assassin was feted both in Pakistan and abroad, who shared the assassin's view of Salman Taseer, the governor as an apostate for stating that the country's blasphemy laws should be more humane. So when his assassin, Mumtaz Qadri, was given the death penalty for the murder, religious leaders in the UK condemned his punishment.

This is merely jihad by other means, the promulgation and acceptance of views integral to Islam that are completely foreign to Western values. The two-pronged assault through immigration and the declaration of refugee status that has seen the Muslim faith infiltrate everywhere in Western society is the slow, steady drip of population increase and social, political jihad. This is the jihad that is ignored because to make note of it is uncivil and to be taken notice of for such incivility identifies one as a bigot.

The other form of jihad is the type that everyone pays notice to, since it's difficult to overlook. But the proud displays of traditional Islamic punishment meted out to those who offend the Islamic sense of justness and propriety through beheadings, crucifixtions, amputations, are all part of the tradition of Islam, a tradition that plays out institutionally in official Saudi and Iranian, Pakistani and Afghan justice. Since it is institutionalized, it is not taken note of.

Instead, the march of Islamism through the auspices of Islamic jihad expressing itself in terrorist acts is what draws attention for its frighteningly repulsive visibility. Not, however, to be mentioned in polite company, as an element of Islam. So there it is; simply not possible for a humane, civil society to turn its back on the spectacle of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of human beings fleeing poverty and war and oppression to find a better future for themselves elsewhere. They are human beings in need of haven.

But they are also representatives of stealth jihad. They do not necessarily mean to be that, of course, they are simply doing what people have always done; looking for a better life for themselves which cannot be found in their countries of birth where Islam dominates and opportunities do not. The far-reaching end result will eventually see the kind of oppression and commanding faith being imposed worldwide through the globe's fastest-growing religion. Conquest is its game.

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