Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Canadian Identity

"We have a Canadian way of living, the rule of law, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and our laws .... My proposal this morning is to preserve our Canadian identity and especially toward those who are building Canada of tomorrow, including new Canadians."
"It is critical that we make sure that new Canadians fully endorse the Canadian principles that are the foundation of our society."
"[This would of necessity include significant alterations in Canada's] integration model [for improved security and to uphold] fundamental principles."
"I believe we are ready in Canada for a robust and mature and serene conversation about our Canadian identity."
Conservative leadership candidate Steven Blaney
Conservative leadership candidate Steven Blaney speaks during a news conference on Parliament Hill Monday October 24, 2016 in Ottawa
Conservative leadership candidate Steven Blaney speaks during a news conference on Parliament Hill Monday October 24, 2016 in Ottawa     Adrian Wyld / Canadian Press

The former Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness speaks from a platform of familiarity of what he speaks of, informed by his exposure and experience and unafraid to air once again attitudes and inspirations arising from that experience. As such, he will be the second contender for the Conservative leadership, another former Cabinet member of the government led by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper to express such opinions, held to be electorally toxic by his critics.

Those Canadians who voted to remove the Conservatives from power point to the former government's resistance to the divisive and abusive customs imported into Canada with a significant number of immigrants and refugees from the world of Islam. These have been new Canadians who bring their cultural-religious negatives with them to a host country offering them a new life and new opportunities and freedoms rather than leave them behind in the fractious countries they chose to leave for future opportunities.

When in fact, the Conservative vote in the last election was of a number similar to what they received for their previous majority government. The contending Liberals who won a majority in the 2015 election that removed the Conservatives from government did so by making a multitude of promises they have yet to fulfill, while many of those promises were directly lifted from the New Democrat playbook, causing NDP voters to switch alliances. It was by draining votes from the NDP that the Liberals achieved their majority.

Their share of the popular vote was not substantially greater than that of the Conservatives. And the great self-congratulatory fuss that new Prime Minister Trudeau made over how he advanced the cause of equality in appointing half his Cabinet positions to women represented an absurd claim of Canada emerging into a new 'feminist' era in view of the fact that Cabinet posts in the previous Conservative-led government were a dozen in number from a smaller elected field, representing important posts, as opposed to Trudeau's fifteen.

The Trudeau government's pledge to withdraw Canadian forces from the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State representing the Conservative government's fairly modest deployment of Canadian military in Iraq, turns out to be a move to leave instructors of the Peshmerga militias in force and to deploy greater numbers of Canadian soldiers on the ground while withdrawing the handful of Canadian warplanes from action, moves that constitute a greater danger to Canadian military personnel than that mandated by the Conservatives.

And at home the oath of citizenship must be respected by all candidates for citizenship expressing their preparedness to fully join Canadian society by revealing their faces while taking the oath. Wearing of a niqab or burqa is a belittling and an entitled, caustic rejection of Canadian values. Placing into law the baring of one's face on that and other serious, legal occasions as in giving testimony in court is simply a needed reminder to all of Canada's open-faced social-political mores of a free society.
Chris Young / Canadian Press
Chris Young / Canadian Press     The Liberals dropped the previous government's Supreme Court Fight over the wearing of the niqab at citizenship ceremonies

That immigrants based on their religious belief and cultural experience feel free to disdain these essentially Canadian values speaks to their lack of commitment to Canada and to gaining citizenship and they should be denied the privilege. Mr. Blaney speaks of increasing funding to Canadian security agencies such as the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, as is required in a global atmosphere of assault with impunity by Islamist jihadists.

Not to be alert to the security challenges facing societies that have weighted their populations with Muslim immigrants is to be in the position of Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Norway and other European countries who must now allow for the diminishing of their heritage, values and culture lest they give offense to the growing, grumbling clout of Muslim groups demanding greater autonomy and respect for Sharia law over the prevailing indigenous laws and customs.

He has stated that it would be his intention should he be elected Conservative leader and contemplate the future of returning to the status of governing party, to strengthen the citizenship test administered to applicants to ensure they are more adequately tested on written and oral skills in the two official languages along with "their understanding and appreciation of Canada's core principles". Long overdue to see that the oath of citizenship test be modified to reflect the intention of immigrants to abide by Canada's principles.

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