Friday, January 27, 2017

Predicting the Collapse of North Korea's Dictatorship

"I am sure that more defections of my colleagues will take place since North Korea is already on a slippery slope."
"The traditional structures of the North Korean system are crumbling."
"[The Kim government] can be held in place and maintained only by idolizing Kim Jong-un like a god."
"I am quite confident that without sacrifice to any individual or any group . . . reunification or the elimination of the Kim Jong-un regime cannot be achieved."
Thae Yong-Ho, North Korean defector in South Korea
He represents the highest-ranking North Korean official yet to decamp from the threatening fantasy world of North Korea. As a high-rankjing official he and his family would have wanted for nothing. Quite unlike the majority of North Koreans who often face food shortages, and certainly face stark life in prison camps if they attempt to defy the dictatorial government of their Dear Leader who has held the world in dread apprehension each time he orders a ballistic missile or nuclear bomb test.

Kim Jong-un's adolescent tantrums and need for adulation from a captive public is legendary, along with his penchant for posturing and boasting. Let alone his very real threats that erupt from time to time aimed at South Korea, Japan and the United States. His brutality in ridding himself of those who fail to retain his trust was amply demonstrated when he had his uncle by marriage arrested, charged with being "dissolute and depraved" and summarily executed.
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Jang Song Thaek (left) Kim Jong-un (right)

This pompous little tyrant funds research into advanced technological weaponry while failing to provide his nation with an adequate food supply, leading to episodes of mass starvation. The second-highest-ranking diplomat in London when he defected to South Korea last summer with his family, Thae Yong-Ho has been labeled "human scum" by the regime he now claims has "numbered" days before it crumbles.

His very defection however, is now fuelling speculation that North Korean elites are becoming increasingly disillusioned with their volatile, spectacularly unhinged leader. The career diplomat so eager now to share his rejectionist view of North Korea's dictator served in Britain, Denmark and Sweden, and as he did, upholding the glorious Kim family as a loyal subject of a regime that brooked no acquaintance with human rights.

Thae Yong-Ho feels that as long as North Koreans have no exposure to the outside world, they they will continue to support the dynastic regime that persecutes and bedevils them, keeping them in a dark age of demi-god worship and acceptance that the world outside North Korea is so envious of their good fortune that their country is ruled by one appointed from on high, it wishes to destroy them and thus their government is credited with protecting the 'rights' and the future of North Korea.

The former diplomat, now associated with  South Korea's Institute for National Security Strategy, a think tank aligned with the National Intelligence Service, had the good fortune to be permitted to bring his sons with him to London wheres generally most North Korean diplomats' family members remain at home as "hostages" guaranteeing their return once the diplomatic assignment comes to an end.

Once his sons became familiar with British life they asked their father why North Korea executed people without legal procedures, and why the Internet was not accessible to North Koreans. Based on these enquiries Mr. Thae felt his sons would never be able to successfully adjust to life back home again and would be vulnerable to accusations of disloyalty if they returned to North Korea.

He concluded he had little option but to exile himself and his family, as a result.

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