Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fuelling Islamophobia

"The average Canadian understands this is targeted at us [Muslims]. With [Canada's] Bill C-51, you are basically saying, 'Muslims are dangerous'. This is the message that is being given."
"Frankly, being a Muslim living in a post-9/11 environment, I'm not surprised by what happened [the deadly attack against a Quebec mosque, killing 6 men, injuring 19 others]. I thought this was going to happen sooner or later."
"The general direction is toward blaming Muslims for anything called terrorism in the world. What we saw in Quebec [last Sunday's mosque attack] is really a culmination of all of this -- and I'm afraid it will not stop there."
"I'd be lying to you if I say, 'no' [that he fears for his own safety]. For my safety, the safety of my family, the safety of my community."
"I think our cyberspace is dangerous, and I think the government [of Canada] should say, 'We're going to treat everyone the same when it comes to danger'."
"I'm sure that if the shooter in Quebec City had interacted with Muslims, knew people in the faith, I don't think he would have done that [opened fire on innocent worshippers]."
"This has been evolving over the last 15 years. People have this notion that police states are created overnight, but that's not the case."
Maher Arar, Syrian-Canadian

If the very concept of Islamophobia exists, it should be construed and identified as a logical enough outcome of the barbaric and horrendous crimes against humanity committed by dedicated Islamists who have embarked on a Koranic-inspired obligation of Muslims to engage in jihad. The Koran makes it quite clear that the highest obligation that must be shouldered by the faithful in Islam is to ensure that this world-encircling religion must ultimately control the world, recognized as the only one, true religion. To criticize this is to be "Islamophobic".

Muslims are fond of complaining that unbelievers fail to understand Islam. Based on readings of various passages, numerous enough dispersed among its sacred writings, and the invocations during prayer, it is clear enough that this religion based on conquest has never forsaken its primary objective, to surmount all non-Muslim objections to the call to submit to Islam. And whatever means are seen to be required to impose Islam on the unwilling populations of the world must be embarked upon; the primary obligation of the faithful.


The Government of Canada's response to the virulent threat residing within Islam, and based on countless examples of Islamist terrorism striking around the world, sought to give protection to the country and its citizens by apprehending those planning to do harm to both. The Anti-Terrorism Act was designed to protect Canadians, not to punish ordinary Muslims who go about their business unheeding the call to jihad. Maher Arar suffered torture at the hands of his co-religionists in his native Syria, a country which has actively demonstrated in the last six years the dysfunction of Islam.

Arar may view the law formerly titled Bill C-51 as unneeded and requiring the government to scrap it, but this is because he blames the West for the terrorism hounding it, for provoking Islamists. Just as he blames the security and intelligence arms of the Canadian government for delivering him to his torturers through misinformation on his status. His ordeal was Islam-inspired. He occupies himself now as a fundraiser aiming to convince Canadians that Islamophobia is the basis of all evil. Rather than raising funds from the public, he might consider using the millions he was granted as compensation for his ordeal from Canada.

He charges that the dreadful attack that occurred in Quebec City last Sunday was expected, the product of years of anti-Muslim rhetoric appearing online and throughout the media. In point of fact, intelligence points to online sources influencing 'vulnerable' Islamist youth to become radicalized. And nor is that the sole source; there have been testimonials from innocent Muslims to the effect that they were approached as potential recruits by those committed to jihad, to become part of the jihadist movement inspiring terror throughout the West and within Muslim communities.


The obvious reason why Muslims are equated with terrorism world wide is that the great preponderance of terrorist acts are enacted by Muslims and condoned by a great percentage of Muslims living both in Muslim-majority countries and in the developed nations of the West. He calls upon the government to make greater strides in deradicalization programs aimed at those whose attention turns to attacking Islam, when the fact is the radicalization that permeates the world is that of dedicated Islamists. Muslim terrorism shows no sign of abating.

The Middle East is a stellar example of Muslim terrorism, where Muslims engage in barbaric acts of murder and mutilation based on sectarian and tribal hatreds. As for the aberration of a Quebec man turning murderous action against peaceful Muslims, the suggestion by Arar that had he known Muslims on a personal basis the man's hatred would have been turned aside, another issue that has been debunked when friends of the shooter spoke of his casual and friendly acquaintanceships with Muslims.

Education most certainly is critical though not necessarily in the defeat of Islamophobia, but in infusing the general public with the understanding that violently deadly jihad is not a broad brush to colour all Muslims, but a manifestation of a tainted religion whose fundamentalist followers dedicate themselves to the founding purpose of the faith, born in violence and spread by violence. A violent ideology reborn with a vengeance in our day.

Muslim clerics, wherever they are, albeit certainly not universally, preach jihad. They deliberately incite their followers to take up violence in the greater interests of Islamic conquest. This is a faith with a huge following, the second largest on the globe. As long as Muslims do not internally make an effort, as Egypt's President has recommended, to reinvigorate Islam in a new, inclusive direction eschewing violence and jihad, the attitude toward Islam that Mr. Arar so deplores will continue.


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