Saturday, May 06, 2017

High-Risk to Re-Offend

"Your crimes were calculated, predatory and brutal in nature. You terrorized women living alone in the sanctity of their own homes. Their lives, relationships, level of trust and their ability to function day to day, have been irrevocably altered by your selfish and brutal crimes."
"Victim impact statements make it clear that lives have been shattered."
Parole Board of Canada

"[You] refused to participate in programming to address your deviant sexual behaviour [and had] repeatedly disputed the effectiveness of sex offender treatment."
"While you present as intelligent and articulate, you continue to minimize the harm you have caused to your many victims and rationalize your paraphilia [sexual deviancy]."
"The CSC does not believe that there are any sufficient safeguards in the community to manage the risk you present to the public."
Correctional Service Canada case management
A file photo of Michael Giroux
Sun Media Archive    A file photo of Michael Giroux

These are unequivocal statements describing the pathological psychopathy of a man immune to social ostracism, disinterested in helping himself and society through taking part in measures that could alleviate and turn him away from his violent tendencies, and who has once again been let loose on society. The wisdom of the Crown in the prosecution of this man who clearly poses a severe risk to society being permitted to plead guilty to spare a sensational trial in exchange for a guarantee that the Crown would not impose a dangerous offender order that would have effectively kept him incarcerated for an indefinite-to-life period is more than obviously in question.

The Crown's decision was based on the thought that side-stepping a trial for a guilty plea would spare his victims from testifying and reliving their trauma, but overlooked the future when he would be set free to once again threaten, stalk and assault women, returning to his original obsessive fascination with his ability to attack defenceless women in their own homes while threatening their lives. This man was said to embody the "contemporary urban nightmare", yet he has now resumed his place in society.

The crimes he was incarcerated for took place between 1984 and 1988 in the High Park area of west-end downtown Toronto. He stalked his victims, women living alone, broke into their homes, blindfolded them and raped them while threatening to kill them. In 1996 he agreed to plead guilty to five sexual assaults and over 30 similar crimes.  He served his complete sentence, parole board hearings since 2009 holding annual reviews refusing his early release because of their fear he was "likely to commit an offence causing death or serious harm to another person".

This man's sexual deviance was initiated when he began his voyeuristic prowling in 1980, then gradually progressed to rape, attacking women between the ages of 23 to 42. In 2011, a panel made note that the man was noted to "belong to a very difficult group of offenders who are not good candidates for change through treatment", and he was transferred to a maximum security prison when a search of his cell discovered drugs, computer hardware and "extensive pornographic materials" in his possession.

By the time his release was mandated through the completion of his sentence, another panel stated their opinion based on interviews and records of his background that there was no recognition of any reduction in the risk the public was threatened with through his presence among them. After his release, a police officer swore a statement that she had reason to fear he would be the cause of "serious personal injury" . She requested a peace bond, for his activities to be restricted under an appropriate section of the Criminal Code.

He agreed to a list of 21 conditions, prohibition from the possession of firearms or other weapons, from communicating with his victims, or being within 500 metres of their homes or workplaces; no contact with anyone under age 15, not to be in parks, swimming pools or playgrounds where children are likely to be present, chief among them. Nor is he permitted Internet use, other than for work, nor to access or possess pornography; forbidden from alcohol or drugs, frequenting bars, and using prostitutes.

The Internet restrictions concerned him, as someone who trades stocks and invests online in real estate. The man currently lives in a four-storey apartment building in Montreal, that houses university students, a For Rent banner declaring "Welcome McGill" out front. As for informing the general public of his whereabouts, Montreal police state it is not their policy to advise the public when a sex offender is subjected to a peace bond.

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