Monday, May 29, 2017

The Janus Faces of Islam

"Some may claim that this attack [Manchester bombing] was motivated by Islamic teachings. This could not be further from the truth. Islam is a religion of peace. The Qur'an - the holy book of Islam -- makes it clear that such attacks against innocent civilians have no basis within society and religion...."
"The actions of these terrorists are in no way reflective of the teaching of Islam. Ironically, these attacks took place just days before the start of Ramadan [attack against Egyptian Copts], a month where Muslims across the world practice discipline and engage in acts of charity and social welfare."
"This demonstrates how ISIL has gone completely against the fundamental teachings of Islam. If we fall victim to creating a xenophobic atmosphere, we will only be contributing to the hatred rampant in the world."
Excerpts from Letters to the Editor
ISIL terrorist release this among other photos of mass execution of Iraqi civilians in areas they have captured.
ISIL terrorist release this among other photos of mass execution of Iraqi civilians in areas they have captured.

Ahmadiyya Muslims are considered by mainstream Muslims, Sunni and Shia, to be apostates, not true Muslims, an offence to Islam. They, along with other minority sect Muslims, are persecuted and threatened. In countries like Pakistan it is a criminal offence for Ahmadiyya to describe themselves as Muslims; they are forbidden from entering mosques and they remain endangered, attempting to worship as Muslims.

Yet, in the West, every time there is an Islamist terrorist attack that takes place in France, Belgium, Britain, Spain or the United States, a swell of suspicion mounts as it logically would, against a religion whose adherents insist it is peaceful, but whom other exponents of its more questionable tenets give testimony through acts of grim atrocities that it is anything but a religion of peace. Islam's history is that of an ideology gaining territory by violent conquest.

And that violent conquest is a basic tenet written in its very most sacred texts, the Koran and the Sunnahs, repeating the very words and sentiments through an oral and written tradition as expressed by the Prophet Mohammad, as was dictated to him by god. The imperative to engage in jihad as a sacred trust is inviolable, an unrelenting prescription for piety among the faithful.

And those who take up the scimitar or the AK-47 to fulfill their obligations as ordained become jihadists whom those targeted view as terrorists.

For their troubles in identifying the jihadists as grim bearers of death, sowing fear and discord, sending innocents to the Grim Reaper well before their natural time, in the process of achieving martyrdom for themselves, those intoning the unforgiving descriptives of "Islamist terror", or "Islamic jihadists", or "Islamofascists" are righteously branded as intolerant, irreligious bigots, racists of the first water, named for  helpful swift identification as "Islamophobes".

Since no one enjoys being cast in the role of bigotry or racism, the nomenclature serves to silence many. And among the citizens of the West who take pride in being Muslim and practise the Ahmidiyya form of Islam, letters to the editor of newspapers crop up unvaryingly chastising society for its Islamophobia in viewing Muslims as terrorists when in reality Islam is a religion of peace and its faithful are innocent of foul deeds.

"The actions of these terrorists are in no way reflective of the teaching of Islam", they rebuke piously.

As for the actors themselves, when they spring into action, they intone the mantra "Allahu Akbar!" to give emphasis to their martyrdom-mass slaughtering enterprise. A phrase that is completely divorced from Islam, needless to say, since it has nothing to do with religion; we have that on the best authority, over and over and over again.

And as long as Muslims refuse to confront the reality of Islam's demands to the faithful of jihadist obligations, they are destined to continue pleading for 'understanding' of their religion of peace.
That peaceful religion that views all non-Muslims as expendable.

While the jihadists go on to foster through their acts of barbarous atrocities among non-Muslims ever greater public and private rejection of the tenets of such a religion enjoining the faithful to such reprehensible acts of sinister terrorism and mass slaughter. Is the recognition of Islam's dysfunction Islamophobic? So be it.

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