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Pity Her Children, Pity The Dog

"When I first read the paper, I thought it was a hoax. But then I saw her and I saw her walking around with her dog for the children to play with. I told my daughter: 'This lady, I don't you to go near her please. If she calls you, don't go near her and call me', because I don't trust the school."
"That's not even supposed to happen [that a convicted rapist-murderer is present in a school], because once you have a [criminal] record, you're not supposed to be in the school."
"They could have asked her to stay in the car, and have someone escort her kids into the school, and not to bring her dog. And it's not her fault, it's [the school's] fault. It's really terrible that they would allow this."
Andy Maraj, father of Grade 3 student, West Hill Avenue Seventh-Day Adventist school, Montreal

"It's really unacceptable. My daughter was playing with the dog of Karla Homolka, and I was right next to her, but I didn't know who she was."
"Now, I just bring [her daughter] into the school, and I don't let her play outside because [Homolka regularly] brings the dog."
"The administration told me I am being too critical."
Stephanie Deligne, mother of Grade 4 student, Greaves Adventist Academy

"The school has been here for a long time and we have never been involved in anything contrary to the proper norms of the students."
"There is no reason for anyone to be concerned about the way we do things right now for the benefit of the students in our community. The ministry only gives permits to schools that are a safe place for students attending. In no way is it an issue for the community."
Marc Bouzy, school superintendent, Graves Adventist Academy, Montreal
According to Mr. Bouzy when interviewed by a Montreal Gazette reporter, the academy had received not one complaint about the appearance of Karla Homolka on school property. This is a woman who was married to the equally infamous Paul Bernardo, rapist, murderer. Before Karla married Paul, she helped him drug her younger sister Tammy, 15, so he could rape her. Her sister died, choking on her vomit, and both murderer and accomplice (Homolka supplied the drug and helped her boyfriend rape her sister) went undetected.

Tammy was just the first to die. There were two more young schoolgirls, Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, who were abducted, tortured, raped and murdered by Bernardo and Homolka. Before those murder-rapes, Bernardo had busied himself on a rape circuit. It took quite awhile before police found a lead to draw them to Bernardo and Homolka. She married her rapist-murderer boyfriend after the death of her sister whose rape she was a willing accomplice to. When Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French were raped, Karla Homolka took part, and pleasure in those atrocities.

After her husband beat her she portrayed herself as an abused and helpless woman, and described herself that way to police investigators in 1993. She managed, with the help of a lawyer, to reach a plea bargain with the Crown for a lighter sentence in exchange for information from her where incriminating tapes could be found in the ceiling of the house they rented that would seal her husband's fate as a rapist-murderer. She could not be exonerated since she was an active participant, as the tapes showed, but her sentence was a light one.

She was released from prison in 2005, married again and subsequently bore three children. This monster who helped to rape and murder three young girls, stealing their futures while safeguarding her own will some day be faced with explaining to her horrified, mature children how and why their mother performed such grotesque inhuman acts of psychotic criminality. For the present, however, the children are young and attending primary school. Their mother, as a murderer with a criminal record not permitted in the company of children, was often present at the school.

Under provincial law, volunteers at elementary schools are meant to undergo criminal background checks before being permitted to interact with students. But it is abundantly clear that Superintendent Marc Bouzy was well aware of the criminal record of the woman whose presence at the school he felt was perfectly all right, and no business of other parents. In fact, when other parents discovered the identity of the woman as Karla Homolka they complained to the school administration and were informed they were themselves, as a result, no longer welcome at the school and would have to enrol their children elsewhere.

July 4, 2005

Karla Homolka gives an exclusive interview with SRC, the French-language service of the CBC. ((Radio-Canada))
Karla Homolka is released from prison after serving her 12-year sentence. She is whisked out of the St. Anne des Plaines prison, north of Montreal, where she had been transferred about a month before her release. Reporters wait outside the prison for days to catch a glimpse of her leaving and chase various vehicles they believe are transporting her, without being sure she is inside. A prison official and the lawyer for the victims' families confirm the release.
Homolka's lawyers continue fighting in court to prevent the media from reporting on her life outside prison, including her whereabouts.
Hours after her release, Homolka grants an interview to SRC, CBC's French-language service in Montreal.

June 29, 2005

A Quebec judge turns down Karla Homolka's request for an injunction prohibiting the media from telling certain details about her life after she's released from prison.

June 3, 2005

After two days of arguments, Judge Jean R. Beaulieu agrees that Karla Homolka may pose a risk to society after she is released. He places several restrictions on her freedom that are to take effect after she is released. They include:
  • She is to tell police her home address, work address and who she lives with.
  • She has to notify police as soon as any of the above changes.
  • She will also have to notify police of any change to her name.
  • If she wants to be away from her home for more than 48 hours, she will have to give 72 hours notice. 
  • She cannot contact Paul Bernardo, the families of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French or Jane Doe. She also may not contact any violent criminals.
  • She also will be forbidden from being with people under the age of 16 and from consuming drugs other than prescription medicine.
  • Continue therapy and counselling.
  • Provide police with a DNA sample.

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