Monday, February 26, 2018

Out of Africa

"Israel does not hesitate to grant refugee status when required and follows a procedure consistent with the criteria and standards of international law, laid down by the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees."
"With that said, the data about the migrants who have entered Israel illegally indicates that 70 to 80 percent of the migrants are of working age -- 19 to 40 years old -- and that there are about five times more men than women."
"These numbers are consistent with a population that is composed mostly of economic migrants."
Italy Tavor, spokeswoman, Israeli Embassy, Ottawa
The anti-deportation protest in Tel Aviv on February 24, 2018. (Courtesy)
The anti-deportation protest in Tel Aviv on February 24, 2018. (Courtesy)

The swelling tide of African migrants is suffocating Europe. Sweden is now recognized as the first European nation to become effectively Muslimized. Right behind Sweden is Belgium, France, Germany, Norway and Italy. The European Union has mandated that its member-states must accede to its demands that the unending stream of migrants and refugees be absorbed. Under the UN regulations on refugees which were formulated long before the refugee/migrant phenomenon became a viral threat, there is an obligation to accept the presence of those exiting their countries of birth.

In those countries where strife, privation, tribal conflict and government instability along with corruption and human rights violations, societal and judicial breakdowns are rife, people live miserable lives. Africa has received incredible amounts of foreign aid, little of it trickling down to those whose lives might be improved, sticking instead to the pockets of their rulers and tyrants. Africa appears incapable of getting itself together to anything resembling civilized advancement preferring its debased dysfunctional state.

The disorder, distrust of authority, resentment and tribal antipathies alongside sectarian hatreds so much a part of the continent's culture accompanies migrants wherever they go. In more manageable numbers the transition to a new culture, new laws, new social order would be achievable. The greater the influx the less opportunity to assimilate, to adapt, rather than to impose. Israel is a small country both geographically and population-wise and it is one whose reason for existence is to offer haven to Jews who have historically been victimized by all among whom they live.

Young men primarily from Sudan and Eritrea appear to have convinced themselves that their future well-being lies in Israel, where opportunities to advance themselves are superior to remaining in their countries of origin. Eager to leave their countries of birth they tend not to migrate to other African countries; in transit on arrival in Egypt they are directed to Israel until Israel built a restraining wall. An estimated 40,000 migrants pre-dated that wall, however. Now Israel has determined it can no longer support them.

Notifying tens of thousands of migrants from Africa of a deportation plan that will give them paid flight out of Israel to Uganda or Rwanda, with $3,500 on departure. The presence of refugee families living in Israel will be unaffected; it is single, unaccompanied males that have been targeted by Israeli authorities for removal. Israel is the very last nation that can be accused of racism; it has a large population of black Jews from Ethiopia who are citizens, along with over a million Arab (1.4-M) citizens, Kurds and Druze.

Deportation is extremely unpopular among Israelis, despite complaints that in areas where the migrants congregate, those areas have been turned into slums, and an increase in crime has been attributed to their presence. Social and occupational groups comprised of doctors, writers, rabbis, Holocaust survivors, even pilots have made appeals to the government to halt the deportation plan. Their appeals based on the very reality that Jews are all too familiar with deportation.

In response, the government emphasizes that women, children and families remain exempt from deportation.

Canada has offered to take several thousand of the migrants through an agreement with Israel. "We ask that sponsors advise the department [Canada's Global Affairs] should any of their applicants be issued deportation or detention notices. Our office in Tel Aviv has dedicated resources to deal with the applications", advised a spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa.

Asylum seekers protest against deportation in Tel Aviv, Israel, 24 February 2018 AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

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