Friday, May 18, 2018

Reason Surrenders to the Passion of Victimhood

"In the last rounds of confrontations, if 62 people were martyred, fifty of the martyrs were Hamas and 12 from the people."
"How can Hamas reap the fruits if it pays such an expensive price?"
"I am giving you an official figure. Fifty of the martyrs in the recent battle were from Hamas."
Hamas official Salah Bardawil, Gaza

"Senior Hamas official sets the record straight on who was killed in last Hamas-orchestrated riots: ‘50 of the 62 martyrs were Hamas. Take his word for it. This was no peaceful protest."
"[The large death toll at Monday’s Gaza protests] has done us a tremendous disservice. Hamas wanted the casualties."
“Hamas wanted people to die. Hamas wanted the pictures of the wounded and the overflowing hospitals ... and they had no problems sending the human shields forward. That is the sad reality of what we have been facing."
"We haven’t been able to get that message out of how it is from our side, what we are defending – and the ‘winning picture’ overwhelmingly, by a knockout, unfortunately, have been the graphics from the Palestinian side."
"The amount of casualties has done us a tremendous disservice, unfortunately, and it has been very difficult to tell our story."
Lt Col Jonathan Conricus, spokesman, IDF 

Palestinian demonstrators burn tires near the Gaza-Israel border, east of Gaza City, on May 14, 2018 (AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS)
Palestinian demonstrators burn tires near the Gaza-Israel border, east of Gaza City, on May 14, 2018 (AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS)

"We are appalled that Dr. Tarek Loubani, a Canadian citizen, is among the wounded -- along with so many unarmed people, including civilians, members of the media, first responders, and children."
"Reported use of excessive force and live ammunition is inexcusable. It is imperative we establish the facts of what is happening in Gaza."
"Canada calls for an immediate independent investigation to thoroughly examine the facts on the ground -- including any incitement, violence, and the excessive use of force."
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"In condemning the Israeli forces, Justin Trudeau ignores the role that the terrorist organization Hamas has played in inciting these clashes."
"In responding to these events with nothing but criticism of Israel, Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians on the international stage once again."
Andrew Scheer, leader, opposition Conservative Party
Lt.-Col. Conricus is right; Hamas's success in persuading Gazan civilians to flood to the border with Israel, to 'return' and claim their purported rights, while planning, should the hordes of peaceful protesters somehow succeed in breaching the border, to have Hamas operatives infiltrate Israel and in the short distance from the border to Jewish communities take advantage of the opportunity to wreak mayhem and slaughter, indulging in their favourite threats made reality; slaughtering Jews is an appalling reality.

But as he points out, the greater plan we to sufficiently rattle and provoke the IDF standing guard at the border points with strict orders to react as any given situation predicated; warning at first, shots overhead later, advance to shoot intruders' extremities to stop their progress, and for those ignoring all warning, seen to be succeeding in their mission to breach the border, shoot to kill. The alternative? A  throng of thousands flooding into Israel, among them terrorist Hamas, armed and prepared to kill -- to halt their progress the military would shoot to stop the entire ingress, extinguishing the threat.

Israel can point out that Hamas exists for the sole purpose of the Jewish state's destruction; so its charter points out, and so the terrorist group devotes itself, expending vast sums of international charity meant for Gazan civilians, instead using the funds to build sophisticated underground tunnels, the tunnels foiled finally by the underground fence Israel is building. Countless rockets shot off toward border communities in Israel invited a 2014 counter attack.

Hamas long ago decided its most useful counterattack against IDF reprisals is the orchestration of Palestinian deaths to rivet the world's attention on the martyrdom of civilians caught in a crossfire Hamas had carefully planned. "It was clear to Israel and now it is clear to the whole world that there was no popular protest. This was an organized mob of terrorists organized by Hamas", noted Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon.

Israel "won't let those who call for our destruction to breach our borders and to threaten our communities", stated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. To which Bardawil responded, Israel was "legitimizing the killing of Palestinians just because they are Palestinians or just because they are Hamas, even if they were unarmed and defending their dignity and rights". In Hamas entitled parlance it is dignified to kill Jews, and this is their right. The killing of Hamas terrorists equates with removing a direct and virulently violent threat of death for Israeli civilians.

And although the world knows Hamas is a dedicated terrorist group exalting martyrdom and dedicating itself to destroying Israel, it chooses to view Israel's international right as a sovereign nation protecting its population from those real threats, as disproportional in its determination to prevent any breach of the border. While no other country, critical of Israel's response in deterring a Palestinian influx into Israel auguring ill for its citizens, will ever face such threats, they are at no loss for words condemning Israel.

The despicable condemnation emanating from Canada's preening, autocratic Justin Trudeau eager to show the world that the Canada under other administrations that supported Israel, has turned its back on the Jewish state under his aegis. Knowing that the deaths caused by Hamas inciting Palestinians -- burning Israeli farmfields, lobbing Molotov cocktails at IDF troops, hurling rocks at the military, trundling burning tires into the border fence, hoisting meat cleavers and threatening to kill Jews -- are mostly those of Hamas terrorists, Trudeau nonetheless contemptibly holds Israel to account.

Displaying the shallowness of his cerebral functioning, his lapsed moral compass and his dedication to 'progressive' governance as one who personally embraces the totalitarian nature of social engineering along with the acceptance of nationalist grievances of those considering themselves to be victims seeking to overturn democratic institutions to favour their versions of entitlement. It certainly doesn't stint Trudeau's pleasure in stating opinions geared to please a large voting bloc, happily shedding the prospect of pleasing a much smaller, dispensable one.  

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