Monday, December 20, 2010

Demanding Justice In Mexico

Mexico is fast descending beyond a state of parlous existence for its people. The poverty-stricken who would like nothing better than to depart for other, safer pastures. Anyplace that could give them haven from the deadly wars being perpetrated by the drug cartels. Anyplace that would have them, where they would be safe from escalating lawlessness.

It is not only police, the national army, judges and mayors of small towns where the drug trade has managed to completely destroy law and order and any vestiges of public safety that have been imperilled, but the very future of Mexico itself. The federal government appears incapable of stemming the rising tide of unbridled, vicious slaughter.

Not that state governments are doing any better. The middle class of the country are also affected, and nowhere seems quite safe. The brazen murders of people involved in the drug trade, along with those who seek to break up the power of the cartels have shocked the world and certainly sobered the country, let alone its North American neighbours.

And now, in plain sight of the governor's office in the capital of the state of Chihuahua, a grieving mother whose daughter was murdered at 16, her body dismembered and her killer set loose, was killed in cold blood, at close range. Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, holding a lone vigil in front of the governor's office in outraged protest that her daughter's murderer is on the loose is yet another sacrifice to unpunished crime in Mexico.

Her daughter, Rubi Frayre, murdered by her boyfriend Sergio Barraza, who confessed to her killing, has never seen justice. And nor has her mother. It is more than likely that the very man who murdered the daughter also murdered the mother. Marisela Escobedo Ortiz knew very well that her life was in danger, from the death threats she had received from her daughter's murderer and his family.

"What's the government waiting for - that he come and finish me?" she challenged, standing outside the governor's palace, in an interview. "Then let him kill me, but here in front to see if it makes them ashamed." They took up the challenge, confronted her at night, in the dark, in front of the governor's office, chased her as she attempted to flee, fired at point-blank-range and ended her protest.
"He confessed to the killing and reported the place where the remains of Mrs. Escobedo's daughter could be found. This is what no one can understand the irresponsibility of these judges who set free a highly dangerous subject." Chihuahua Gov.Cesar Duarte.
And now?

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