Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Groomed to Hate and to Slaughter

"We are all impressed with what he [Mohannad Halabi, 19-year-old law student] has done."
"The day after the attack [when he stabbed two Israelis to death], university students took to the streets and clashed with Israeli soldiers. Mohannad's way is the only way to liberate Palestine."
Malik Hussein, 19, Al-Quds University law student

"What's going on here is unbearable."
"Al-Aqsa, the settlements, the killing in the streets. We have to move. We cannot stay silent."
Ahmed Halabi, 22, cousin of Mohannad Halabi

"If Abbas is against us ... we will reject his words and start the intifada."
"We don't want any leaders here to show us what to do."
Bassel Obeida, 21, Palestinian protester

Bassel Obeida needn't be concerned about where the Palestinian Authority president stands on the issue of violent attacks against Jewish Israelis. He has given ample proof time and again that he heartily approves of them, for they are, after all, honourable moves of 'resistance' against the 'occupiers'. The occupiers, needless to say, being the location of Israel itself, on 'Palestinian land'. There will be no more occupiers once Israel is gone.

Official Palestinian Authority media outlets incite Palestinians, from a young age, to murder Jews. (Image source: Palestinian Media Watch)

And the maps produced by the Palestinian Authority for their purposes, including that of teaching young Palestinians about history and geography and social studies, is entirely absent Israel; the entire map of the territory is Palestinian. The goal of children as students in a virally-hate-filled culture is to aspire to become a hero or heroine to the cause, to expel the Jews and expunge their presence from Palestinian lands.

So Bassel Obeida, in his obdurate obtuseness fails to understand that Abbas is the leader who has indeed shown him 'what to do'. He and his coevals have been patterned to hate, and their response is reflective of their upbringing. Palestinian youth claim despair that the Palestinian state they so pine for is beyond their reach, but they don't question their corrupt leadership's role in that, since the leadership has consistently fed them the fiction that Israel rejects a Palestinian state.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians who have rampaged and succeeded in destroying the lives of innocent Israelis excite the admiration of their contemporaries, who are eager to emulate their actions and martyr themselves for the furtherance of the Palestinian cause. A cause that could be furthered by negotiations and a willingness to make sacrifices on each side, but which fails because the sacrifices made by only one side, the Israelis, are never enough since Israel refuses to wither and collapse.

Palestinians helped Jews celebrate the Jewish New Year by inflicting upon them a level of violence not seen in recent years where four Israelis were killed last week in shooting and stabbing attacks. In turn Israeli forces have responded in attempts to put down the violence and in the process four Palestinians have died. On the international stage Mahmoud Abbas portrays himself nobly as being opposed to violence.

He incites to violence.

Attributing it all to Israel, speaking of the Palestinians as helpless victims caught in the iron web of Israel's abiding antipathy toward the Palestinians, determined to keep them from achieving their deserved destiny. The PLO, of which Abbas is Yasser Arafat's replacement has always been a terrorist organization and it continues to be just that, despite Israel's ongoing efforts to help it pacify its inchoate rage at the presence of Jews and a Jewish state on land held to be consecrated to Islam.

Mahmoud Abbas has gone out of his way to convince Palestinians that Israel has hatched a nefarious plot to usurp and to destroy Islam's place on the Noble Sanctuary; the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa mosque are on Israel's itinerary for destruction to make way for a reconstruction of the ancient Temple of Solomon whose place the Temple Mount originally was, in antiquity.

Israeli authority denies it has any intention of changing the status quo whereby Jews are permitted only timid and temporary entry to Judaism's most sacred site, leaving Muslims free to worship at their third-most sacred site to maintain peaceful relations. Accepting that, unfortunately, would mean that there is little reason to continue mounting violent 'protests' against the presence of Jews at their sacred site.

But the very presence of Jews and the suspicion that they might attempt to whisper a prayer and thus pollute the sacred Islamic precincts is enough to send Palestinians into paroxysms of violent rage. How to reason with such passionate haters and destroyers of civil normalcy?

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