Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Indigestible Lessons of Islamophobia

Western democracies have designed their own death threats. Logically it is well enough understood that irrespective of where immigrants emanate from around the world, if they are Muslim the chances that they will integrate into a non-Muslim welcoming society are dim. Those who worship Islam are, simply put, just not adaptable to another system, a way of life that excludes total submission to a theocratic belief that is by its very nature totalitarian. Islam is a totalitarian ideology because it demands of its faithful the admission that every facet of their lives is to be dictated by Islamic decrees. In Islam the package is total; it is a religion, a political movement, a social contract, a system of justice whose essence is law from the perspective of Islamic ideals.
Nusrat Djahan Mosque
Copenhagen, Denmark

In the West, human rights top the agenda and a dedication to promoting human rights, to ensure that under existing laws equality and justice and freedom reign supreme. In Islam there is no such notion as equality, there is Islam and there is everything else, one is dominant the other is slated to be destroyed or to exist unequally under Islamic dominating rule as conquered societies. Justice is what is meted out by Sharia law reflecting Islamic principles which do not by any measure meet the metrics of human rights. In Islam Muslims do not have the freedom to alter their allegiance from Islam to another faith; to do so is to consign oneself to capital punishment as an apostate, the height of criminal offence meriting death under Islam.

London Central Mosque, or Regent's Park Mosque
London, U.K.

Yet, because the West's collective conscience agitates against the very notion of discrimination based on ethnicity, culture, heritage, politics or religion, as an unforgivable intolerance, the reality of non-integration leading to social, political and religious conflict is deliberately unrecognized as a potential threat which numbers will in due time, exacerbate. And, in setting aside the logic of those concerns, immigration procedures and refugee acceptance are carried out in an open spirit of global congeniality. While ethnic and religious minorities are persecuted, their security and rights violated in Muslim-majority countries, Europe and North America permit entrance to the very demographics that will repeat violations of human rights in their own countries.

It takes quite a while for the targets to see themselves as being under threat, but eventually the message does penetrate. But even as it does, the West congratulates itself that it marches to a different drummer, that those who threaten their culture, their societies, their values and their laws are wrong, and their ideas and actions will be spurned. And that the governments of the West will not submit to treating their foreign-sourced elements of citizenship in the same manner. Courtesy and acceptance will most surely turn those who view Western values as degraded -- insisting that Islam be respected in all matters concerning not only Muslims, but non-Muslims as well -- away from their unsettling course.

Baitun Nur
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

And then, violence erupts and terrorism disrupts and it becomes evident that an invasion has occurred, one which is difficult to pin down precisely for among the raging psychopaths dedicated to Islamist fundamentalism to destroy Western democracies there are the mild-mannered Muslims of humble demeanor and expectations whose human rights must be protected even though they live alongside the vociferous groups and the criminal accomplices who are in silent support of terrorism as a tool by which militant Islam can succeed in ushering into a reluctant society sternly complacent Islam which has achieved its goal of conquest and dominance.

The episodic but increasingly frequent incidents of Muslims born and bred in Europe and North America violently turning against the countries that have accepted their families and expected that any differences existing between people born of tribal cultures and an ideologically problematic religion whose faithful offer a contrasting picture of peace on one hand and conflict on the other tell the story of Islam's fundamental precepts. That Islamic lands are viewed as lands of peace, while non-Islamic countries are viewed as lands of conflict, and that jihad is a requirement to turn those lands of conflict to lands of peace, where peace is achieved by a transformation to Islamic rule.

Cologne Central Mosque
Cologne, Germany

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