Monday, June 05, 2017

London Bridge is Falling Down

"They kept coming to try to stab me, they were stabbing everyone. Evil, evil people."
"I want to know if this girl [repeatedly stabbed at the south end of London Bridge] is still alive."
"I've been walking around for an hour and a half crying my eyes out. I don't know what to do."
Gerard Vowls, 47, London, England

"We ran for like 100 metres and then saw loads of police cars turned up and there was kind of a period of quite intense gunfire."
"I hid in a restaurant basement for about an hour. ... Police told us to get out and then there was more gunfire."
Simon Thompson, Borough Market, London

"[I] saw a man in red with a large blade, at a guess ten inches [25 centimetres] long, stabbing a man, about three times [near Borough Market]."
Ben (last name withheld), London
People receive medical attention in Thrale Street near London Bridge following a terrorist incident.
Credit Federica de Caria, PA -- People receiving medical attention near London Bridge

It seems that evil men abound now in Britain. Three deadly attacks in three months. Calculated to occur where the attackers feel they will be in a position to be more efficient in their killing mode. It hardly matters who they attack, the very act of committing to violence, of wounding people, of taking their lives, delivers that message; Islam is responding to what it  declares is a war of the West on Islam.

Variously, Islam is delivering its own message; to exist and to refuse to surrender to Islam is to sign one's own death sentence.

Allah is avenged by the deaths of those who refuse to surrender to Islam. And the avengers are faithful Muslims who have responded to the basic tenet of jihad, interwound with the injunction to proselytize, for Islam is a religion of conquest, one that will not tolerate the presence of other religions, for it alone represent god's final word on his compact with humankind.

To martyr oneself for Islam is to achieve the greatest achievement, whose reward awaits in Paradise.

Seven people dead, many representing foreign tourists enjoying a balmy night out in fabulous London. A London that has become for the unfortunate a death trap. Where medics treated people injured, lying on the ground. Where traumatized people whimpered and shouted, wept and were inconsolable; they had been involved in a conflict zone, and that experience will haunt them the rest of their lives.

The world has reacted with horror as London reels in dismay and fear. Precisely the reaction that the attackers require to justify their personal sacrifice. Their names and their deeds will join a growing list of those venerated for their courage and determination in killing the helpless and the innocent. Somehow, the disconnect between what is increasingly occurring in France, Belgium, Germany, Britain, the United States -- and Israel, seems distinct and confusing.

These vehicular attacks, attacks with knives against civilians, in efforts by Palestinians who have been taught from infancy to detest and blame Jews for all that has gone wrong with their own lives are seldom noticed other than in brief passing by the rest of the world. This is a condition with which Jewish Israelis must live, the price for establishing the State of Israel, a renewed homeland for Jews which no other country of the world is prepared to vouch for as just and moral.

But when those same dark forces of sinister hatred pounce viciously in Europe, the calamity is terrorism.

Jews truly are the canaries in the mine of evil intent. To ignore their plight of unmitigated hatred and barbaric violence, is to ignore the warning that what threatens Israel threatens equally the non-Muslim world at large.

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