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Canada: We Have A Problem

"You can't monitor them all -- the number of targets are exceeding capacity."
"We have a proper security dilemma that no positive progressive thinking program can easily fix."
Ray Boisvert, former assistant director intelligence, Canadian Security Intelligence Services

“As the director of CSIS indicated before a parliamentary committee some months ago, the number of returns known to the Government of Canada is in the order of 60, and they are under very careful investigation.”
Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety
Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale stands during question period in the House of Commons on on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday Nov. 7, 2017. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick
"Then [when the guard is down and the infiltration is complete] the danger begins."
"Having profiled these gents for many, many years, [the idea] that everyone is suitable, let alone able, to be reintegrated [back into normal society after having left Canada to join  jihadi terrorist groups] is absurd."
"What does that mean [deploying resources for surveillance of returning terrorists]? It means I'm spending a ton of resources on what might be yesterday's threat."
"The newly radicalized kid goes uninvestigated for lack of person-power."
Experienced unnamed intelligence sources
The Canadian Liberal government is assuring Canadians through responses to questions from the opposition in the House of Commons that no problem exists. Yes, of course there is the prospect of increasing numbers of jihadists who left Canada to join terrorist groups now returning, requiring surveillance and extreme caution in the wake of the dissipating fortunes of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Which has also incited its members to return to their places of origin in the West and there prove that ISIL and its agenda remain alive and thriving.

We needn't concern ourselves, assures Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, since Canada's national security agencies are on the job, monitoring returned jihadis who have had their passports revoked and face the laying of criminal charges. And give the government credit; it is engaging in a mind-reversal exercise with the launch of its new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence, geared to aid jihadists "let go of that terrorist ideology".

Simple, so simple, and so very credible. We do have people of genius quality to think of these things. Perhaps they consulted with Saudi Arabia which also has such a program. Of course Saudi Arabia also practices a double game of financing madrassas whose purpose is to inculcate Wahhabist Islam into the minds and hearts of the faithful, in which the very important concept of jihad is emphasized as an integral part of Islam, one that believers are bidden to obey. Just not in Saudi Arabia.

But Canada's program of mind-bending release from medieval brutality and butchery in the name of religion is unique. Guaranteed to succeed with hardened, experienced and driven extremists. Changing minds with ease when "appropriate disengagement and re-integration support" is present and available, as it will be, under this government. Not for Canadians the brutal, inhumane approach taken by other countries like Britain, to 'kill off' their returning citizens seasoned in jihad.

Simply enough achieved by removing their citizenship along with their passports, leaving them mired in Syria or Iraq where they are trained to contend with adversity and if death befalls them well so be it, since this is a choice they have made, right? When Canada's public safety minister was asked by immigration critic, Conservative Michelle Rempel how many have returned and are under 24-hour surveillance she was informed security agencies are busy with everything that would possibly keep Canadians safe.

Oh, and in the process 'respecting the rights and freedoms' of returnees.

Oh my, the rights and freedoms of returnees. Forgot about that, didn't we? It's not only law-abiding citizens whose rights and freedoms concern this government, but that of returnees, those who dedicated themselves to jihad, willing and able to slaughter and destroy in the name of Islam. A phrase that should not be repeated even in impolite company lest one bring down upon oneself the charge of Islamophobia and the potential of being brought before a Human Rights Council.

The minister of international development in the United Kingdom made a public statement a week ago that the only way to deal with British citizens who of their own free will joined ISIL, is to kill them. Yes, he said that, obviously having no trust whatever that 'returnees' are readily susceptible to kindly persuasion to behave themselves like good citizens. This is not, however, the Canadian way; amend that; the Liberal Canadian way.

"Canada does not engage in death squads", said Goodale, loftily of the fact that the U.S. has explicitly stated its mission is to ensure any foreign fighters having joined ISIL in Syria, die in Syria. Australia and France as well have chosen a similar response to the question. French special forces in cooperation with Iraqi units are hunting down and killing French fighters. But this is not Canada's sunny way, not at all.

According to an intelligence officer with inside knowledge, the RCMP and the Crown look for "hard and irrefutable evidence -- the perfect case" related to those suspected of terrorist activities. CSIS responds to jihadists returning and appearing to behave as normal citizens do, by tasking surveillance teams, intelligence officers, analysts, translators and technicians in an effort to monitor as many suspects as possible in responding to this seemingly intractable situation.

And the pity of it is, there are just so many warm bodies to deploy, and no more.

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