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Europe's Open Generosity to Muslim Immigration and Refugees

Sweden was once one of the safest countries in the world, until it began focusing on a multi-cultural immigration program.
Sweden was once one of the safest countries in the world, until it began focusing on a multicultural immigration program.

"The troubles that Sweden has gone through in recent years, since mass migration began in earnest, are hard indeed to ignore. These troubles include the setting up of what the American scholar of Islam, Daniel Pipes, most accurately referred to as 'semi-autonomous sectors'. Although non-Muslims can enter, the areas are different from the rest of the country. These are areas where, for instance, police, fire and ambulance services refuse to enter because they and other authority figures representing the state frequently come under attack. The filmmaker, Ami Horowitz, experienced the downside of some of these areas. On a recent visit to Sweden he was attacked for taking a film crew into a suburb of Stockholm when some of the locals objected. We are being given an accurate representation of a serious problem."
"Car-burnings and riots do break out in Sweden today with considerable regularity, and sexual assaults have sky-rocketed in the country (although these figures are the subject of heated debate over whether they represent a rise in incidents or a rise in reporting). Either way, rapes carried out by immigrants remain a real and underreported issue. The authorities – including the Swedish media – have refused to run stories about these unpleasant facts."
"In Sweden, more than in perhaps any other European country, the media is homogeneous in its support for the left-wing status quo in the country, and this includes a support for the views of recent governments on immigration policy. Anything which could give ammunition to critics of that policy is -- as in Germany -- deliberately under-reported or actively covered over by the majority of the media."
Douglas Murray, British author, commentator, public affairs analyst

Swedish police escort U.S. journalist @Timcast out of migrant area fearing for his safety - still from video, Gatestone Institute

A former Prime Minister of Sweden was quick to pen and publish an article meant for mass distribution, to contradict any unfortunate impression that people listening to the President of the United States -- during a speech when he used Sweden as an example of good intentions gone awry through its immigration file -- may have come away with. Nothing awry in Sweden, he wrote cheerily. The Muslim immigrants have assimilated nicely and all is sweetness and light.

Swedes in general also responded to that astonishing slight against their nation's generous political stance in absorbing Muslim immigrants and refugees into their welfare state by mocking Donald Trump's clumsily interpreted assertion that Sweden is no longer what it once was, overwhelmed by the suffocating presence of an ideological and political theism that in fact is in full denial of Swedish values and concerns, bringing with them a system of laws and justice in contravention of its own.

What is considered criminal in Western countries is not reflected as such in countries under Shariah law, however. And this is where much 'misunderstanding' takes place. In Islam in a 'country of war' which is how all non-Muslim nations are designated, it is permissible for Muslim men to feel free to rape non-Muslim women, seen as 'spoils of war'. Islam warns against co-mingling with non-Muslims so Muslims gravitate to ghettos where they look askance at non-Muslims in their midst as defiling 'their' areas of residence and business.

The past several decades have altered Sweden enormously. There are still Jews living in Malmo, but they know their time there is numbered, despite their long-time residence in a country that lauded equality and their social contract of inclusiveness. Malmo has been made exclusive to Muslim settlement and no longer looks kindly on the prospect of a pluralist in-gathering. Muslims are jealous of their possessions and the geography where they settle en masse is considered consecrated to Islam.

As such, firemen, police, paramedics and any other symbols of safety, security and authority of the state are decidedly unwelcome, the atmosphere made hostile and dangerous for their entry. Consequently, knowing that danger lurks there for 'interlopers' in their own country, they are loathe to enter those ghettoized confines for any reason. People who visit and are familiar with the old Malmo are thunderstruck by the aura of ethnic tensions between Swedes still living in Malmo and those newly arrived.

Immigrant youths from a mainly Muslim area of Stockholm hurl rocks at police during a week of rioting in May 2013. (Image source: RT YouTube video)

Districts in the city are reserved and confined to Muslims, where residents of other districts know they are unwelcome, and where Arabic and Islamic culture and clothing predominate. What might have seemed quaint and colourful at first has taken on an aura of dark menace echoing attitudes of those who have no intention whatever of assimilating and taking on values and customs clearly contradicting those they have brought with them from countries they have fled.

And what pertains now in Sweden is reflected throughout western Europe. Where France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Finland now know first-hand and very personally how their nations have been forever altered from what they have so long been familiar with and comforted by. The charming, initial settling-in visions of graceful minarets and the exotically arresting Muslim call to prayer have become an intrusion.

Throughout Europe, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey have invested heavily in the building of mosques and madrassas in spreading the two brands of fundamentalist Islamism, Wahhabism and Salafism. Ankara delights in dictating to Berlin how it must view its German-Turkish citizens, cognizant of their dualism and their religious rights. The sheer weight of the Muslim population base in those nations, including in particular France and Britain, and the terrorist threats make for a sobering atmosphere.

That which has been done is difficult now to reverse.
sexual harassment statistics euro
A recent survey published by Aftonbladet on women’s fears in Sweden found that 46 percent of women felt either very or somewhat unsafe when alone after dark compared to just 20 percent for Swedish men.

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