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Canadian Exceptionalism

"Islamists lobbying [the U.S.] Congress is deeply troubling considering the fact that most U.S. lawmakers are ill-equipped to see through the burka of deception Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups deploy to disguise their contempt for Western Civilization."
As a pre-requisite to meeting any Islamist group, members of Congress should demand that groups such as CAIR denounce the doctrine of Armed Jihad; renounce polygamy, the burka, FGM [female genital ] and Sharia as medieval constructs that are an affront to the U.S. Constitution."
Tarek Fatah, Toronto Sun Columnist, Canadian author
 The photo shows a view to a meeting of the 45th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on My 5, 2018. (Photo by Reuters)
The photo shows a view to a meeting of the 45th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Council of Foreign Ministers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on My 5, 2018. (Photo by Reuters)
"Canada deeply values its relationships with the diversity of countries and people represented in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation."
"We are eager to discuss how we can take action with OIC partners to support the Rohingya, who faced unspeakable persecution and who have been the victims of crimes against humanity."
"... We must pledge to hold the perpetrators of these crimes to account. We must work to establish a clear pathway towards the accountability for atrocities and human right violations committed in Rakhine state."
Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland
The Trudeau government in Canada has seen fit to be present at the annual conference of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, representing Muslim majority nations of the world, and as such after the United Nations itself representing the largest intergovernmental organization, encompassing four continents' participation. Canada represented at the conference as the sole non-Muslim state, its foreign minister present as a special guest among all the other foreign ministers of the 57 Muslim states represented. Sanctimony personified.

Tarek Fatah, an indefatigable warrior against Islamism, though a faithful Muslim himself, points out the inroads that the Muslim Brotherhood has made in the United States as a lobbying arm along with CAIR, of Islamist interests in normalizing Islam in the West, presenting it as non-threatening and perfectly capable of assimilation into the mainstream society's values and priorities, shielding it from close scrutiny, and demonizing any who claim otherwise, as "Islamophobes".

But these forces' infiltration in Canada performing the very same ulterior-motived destabilization techniques have the help of the Liberal-led government of Justin Trudeau. In a previous American administration under President Barack Obama the Muslim Brotherhood and their representatives had access to the higher echelon of the administration, meeting directly with the executive body to become well entrenched. The process was later coming to Canada, but it has exceeded expectations.

Thanks to the welcome mat laid out for it by Justin Trudeau and his Cabinet ministers. In this Liberal government a substantial presence of Muslim Members of Parliament have been recognized with influential positions.The Minister of Immigration, himself an immigrant Muslim from Somalia now oversees a situation where Canada is being flooded with migrant refugee applications through illegal crossings into Canada via the United States. Canada already accepted an estimated 40,000 Syrian refugees.

The Organization of Islamic Conference agenda has not seen fit to debate the issue of sectarian violence among Islamic nations, the cause of countless deaths among the faithful. Because Syria is a Muslim state, that its Shiite regime slaughters Sunni Muslims appears not to be of huge concern to the OIC, but the Rohingya refugees out of Myanmar, where a Buddhist government has targeted Muslims originally from Bangladesh, forcing them to return after generations living in Myanmar, is of fundamental concern to the OIC.
Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, who attended the OIC meeting as a guest, has stated that the international community had a duty to hold to account those responsible for crimes against  Muslims, which deliberately overlooks the fact that there are much greater crimes committed against Muslims by other Muslims, not to mention the terrorism targeting non-Muslim populations by Muslims whom the Koran incites to jihad. Canada aspires to be re-elected to the UN Security Council; with the OIC members giving their assent in reciprocation, it may succeed.

But that is aside from the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strives to appease Muslim governments whose human rights records are abysmal and threatening to world peace. Iran, notorious for its support for terrorist groups in training, arming and directing their actions, is anything but a regime any Western nation would wish to have business with, much less the restoration of diplomatic relations rescinded under the previous government. Trudeau will have no explanation why he feels it is the West's responsibility to aid Muslim welfare, ignored by Muslim societies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has imprisoned, tortured and murdered Canadian citizens. This is a country whose Sharia-led justice system sees fit to hang gays, political dissidents, converts to other religions, perceived moral transgressors, critics of Islam and/or the regime, and 'difficult' women, along with teens who come afoul of the regime. It is the leading exponent of capital punishment in the world, and executes more children and more citizens than any other nation on Earth.

But Justin Trudeau's government is intent on restoring diplomatic relations with Iran, and initiating trade pursuits with this country whose theocratic rulers and conscienceless military makes no secret about its intentions in the Middle East and further afield, in its technologically advanced missiles and its covert efforts to perfect nuclear weaponry. The Government of Canada under Trudeau has an active file on Iran; recently acquired documents report "Canadian officials visited Tehran in May and October 2017 to discuss re-engagement".

This government has set out to destroy Canada's culture and values and system of laws and justice. It does so by diluting its Canadian values with the introduction of values linked to a religion not known for tolerance of other religions, one which incites its faithful to violence against others, and by politicizing immigration, and negating Canada's concerns for democratic practices, suborning them by clandestine, harmful initiatives, while deliberately bypassing civilized concerns over equal human rights to match their focus on the Liberal virtue  of 'progressivism', practised by a callow, immature and vain juvenile.

OIC Council of Foreign Ministers session begin in Dhaka   5 May, 2018

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